Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner Election 2018

Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner Election 2018

The office of the insurance commissioner in Oklahoma is an elected position. The current commissioner, John D. Doak, is term limited and cannot run again; his successor will be determined in the general election that takes place on Nov. 6, 2018. The two major party candidates vying for the post are Kimberly Fobbs, Democrat, and Glenn Mulready, Republican. Interviews with both candidates were excerpted and edited for length and clarity from recorded conversations with Insurance Journal that took place in September.

Glen Mulready

Glen Mulready has 35 years of experience in the insurance industry and is a member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives. He previously served as the House insurance committee chair and is now the floor leader emeritus.

Glen Mulready: I think the absolutely number one priority of the department is consumer protection. … I think in other areas, sort of from a priority standpoint, I would list out insuring the financial solvency of the insurance companies. Basically making sure that they are financially healthy and able to abide by the … contracts that they have committed to.

I think that consumer education is a big part. Unfortunately … not just our state but the general public is not well versed on insurance issues. Insurance can be complicated, and so I think the department has a role in trying to educate consumers so they can be smart insurance consumers and make wise decisions when it comes to spending their precious dollars on insurance premiums.

And third, I think combating insurance fraud is a big part. I have jokingly referred to it as the high blood pressure of the insurance industry. It’s the silent killer … so I think [being] vigilant and upfront and proactive on preventing insurance fraud is another priority of the Oklahoma Insurance Department.

IJ: What aspects of your professional background do you feel qualify you for service as Oklahoma’s insurance commissioner?

GM: I have been in the insurance business for 35 years now … at all different aspects of the industry and at some of the highest levels. … I have experience in the property and casualty side of the business as an independent insurance agent, on healthcare, health insurance, life insurance. I’ve worked as an independent agent, as a broker, and I’ve been an executive at two of Oklahoma’s largest health insurance companies.

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