How to forecast forex?

The ways to forecast forex

It is obvious that some of factors are unpredictable, but most of them can be foreseen. Besides, the forex market tends to develop in one direction than to change it on the contrary one abruptly. Forex is inertial. Of course, changes take place but not during a short period of time, as a rule the main tendency prevail.

That is why indicators forex are always in trend:

  • They help seeing the direction of trend moving.
  • They help opening small lots and earn money on the spot of the moment.
  • To avoid losing investments (in case the market do change its direction), a trader can use Stop Loss and Trailing Stop orders.

Some traders are confident that tomorrow the market will be just the same as it was yesterday. They analyze historical sources by means of technical instruments and on the base of this analysis they build their future strategy.

All these mathematical calculations can be made also in special programs automatically. They are called Forex Advisors and they give an opportunity to make deals without the personal presence of a trader. To improve the result the trader (or a broker) should input the needed parameters. So, an advisor follows the main tendencies automatically in a particular period of time. It uses various indicators to juxtapose the conditions and factors of the market. These robots are quite reliable and popular among beginner traders as well as professionals.

There are many articles telling about randomness and abruptness of forex. Some traders believe that it is impossible to predict anything in the market. Such authors try to persuade the readers that forex is just like a big casino. They make their best proving that the currency movements can be guessed but never forecasted, and the point is in luck but not in cleverness. There are also traders who do believe in technical and fundamental analyses and suppose that they can calculate everything. Both of the categories have some truth, but forex works in the combination of luck and analysis. As far as analysis is concerned, a trader can use a special program, called forex forecaster, or work with several programs at one and the same time, thus improving profits.

Why is forex predictable?

Notwithstanding its scale, forex is quite vulnerable. Even minor events can influence the market to some extent. The currencies are dependent on:

  • political situations,
  • levels of economic development of different countries,
  • changes in prices in other financial markets
  • and even on top politicians and financial experts’ opinion.

Moreover, forex advanced players’ actions influence forex really much and sometimes even upset the balance of it.


There are the following types of advisors:

  • trend advisors (they trade by long positions with big profit)
  • scalpers (they are tuned for multiple deals and often work with a big lot – several points for a deal)
  • multicurrency ones (they are universal advisors and can work simultaneously or apart on many trading pairs)
  • Martingale robots (they increase a lot after every loss; the most risky one)
  • combined type (can combine, for example, scalper and trend advisors, or scalper and multicurrency robot and so on)
  • advisors for small deposits (they are not so popular and beginners start with them)

The forex advisors lack emotions and hasty conclusions. That is the clue difference from a trader and a program. However, they have also their own disadvantages, which should be examined before investments. With experience any trader is able to create his own profitable forex strategy that will lead to profit and success.

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